frinch AG is using Podio to manage their sales process

The frinch AG is a SaaS provider for marketing resource management software, the frinch platform. The frinch platform solves the difficult task of consistent brand communication at the point of sale to their customers.

All persons involved in the process work together on the frinch platform, providing a modern, browser-based and modular deployable tool for marketing resource management. By standardizing and automating marketing specific business processes, high double-digit percentage cost reductions can be realized. The services of frinch AG are especially interesting if a consistent brand communication in decentralized distribution structures, eg for chain stores and commercial enterprises are implemented. The frinch platform adapts to decentralized workforces. With 15 employees in Munich and an ever-growing and widespread customer network throughout Germany, it was now time for frinch AG to think of new internal process optimization strategies.

The challenge: Mobile and transparent

For the frinch AG, a mobile sales process is of great importance; directors and employees should be able to see at any time from any place at which stage the client is, identify and structure the sales potential; make sales processes transparent and see the next steps. The previously used system was vtiger, and it couldn’t cope with the growing demands.

Implementation: Efficient and effective

With the help of Germany’s first Podio Preferred Partner, it took only three days from the decision in favour of Podio to the first system implementation. At first the existing system was analyzed in a web-session and the old data backed up. Then,  set up new workspaces in Podio and built the necessary apps and widgets. Finally all employees were trained in the new environment in a web session.

In Podio, sales potentials can now be more accurately identified, and frinch AG achieves transparency through a specially developed stage system, on how far the sales process at the customers is advanced, both on mobile clients as well as desktops.

This has made ​​internal communication much more transparent and much easier. Also, the quick and easy implementation and the opportunity to have a German contact with were convincing arguments for a decision in favor of Podio.

This was only the beginning!

Following the successful implementation of Podio as an internal communication platform, frinch AG now considers to expand the use of Podio inside the company: from internal to external communication platform, cooperation with suppliers as well their own software development.

Flexible and customizable

The implementation of Podio at frinch AG showed once again that Podio can be adapted perfectly to the needs of the company. Especially the possibility to get help via web-sessions from dieKollaboateure has proven to be an attractive and cost-reducing alternative to on-site training.

About the author: Jan Grau is Partner and responsible for business development at See how we are helping companies to implement Podio as a business tool.